What is Pressure Gauge?

A Pressure Gauge is a mechanical instrument configured to determine the internal pressure or vacuum of the vessel or system, which is extensively used for a diverse industrial application and specific monitoring application. Other than visual indication, there are certain pressure gauges, which are designed to render an electrical output of indicated pressure and determining of other variables like temperature too, used to measure the pressure of fluid, liquid in various industries.

Working Principle of Pressure Gauge

The “Payal Engineering” Pressure Gauges are made of a bourdon tube sensing element, when this element is subjected to pressure, it flexes and the resultant motion is passed as a measurement through a mechanical movement to the dial face pointer.

Types of Pressure Gauge Designs

There are mainly two types of pressure gauge, sequentially dry pressure gauges and liquid filled pressure gauges, both are different in terms of configuration

Dry Pressure Gauges

Dry pressure gauges also reckoned as the mechanical pressure gauges, equipped with pressure sensors like the bourdon tube, helical, capsule, bellows, diaphragm, and spring depending on the make that are not filled with any type of liquid. This type of dry pressure gauge made up of the delicate pivots, pinions and links that perhaps sensitive to condensation and vibration. We as supplier & exporter of the pressure gauges possess an extensive spectrum of the dry pressure gauges, available at the most competitive rates.

Liquid Pressure Gauges

Liquid pressure gauges are filled with thick oil such as glycerine or silicone and boast less moving parts, in contrast to the dry pressure gauge and thereby have considerably longer life than other gauges. The thick oil also helps these pressure gauges to lubricate the implicit parts of the gauge and dampens pointer vibrations and thereby these types of liquid pressure gauges are preferred where there is a high amount of vibration. Additionally, this liquid averts humid air from penetrating and condensing within these gauges, thus making them last longer. We as supplier & exporter of the pressure gauges encompass expansive range of the liquid pressure gauges, available at the most competitive rates

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