How to select a pressure gauge?

It is required to select a pressure gauge cautiously in order to match the requirement of the respective application. We as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge understand the dilemma all through the selection of an appropriate pressure gauge and thereby have armed ingenious professionals boasting a thorough knowledge in regard to pressure gauge, thus help you out efficiently in the selection of the pressure gauges. Additionally, here we have listed some factors that need to be considered in order to get nothing but the perfect pressure gauge for your application need.

Gauge Accuracy

We as a supplier & exporter have a huge gamut of the pressure gauge with a different accuracy, wherein accuracy of the pressure gauge is defined either as a percentage of the full scale range or a percentage of the span. As the accuracy of the pressure gauge increases, the price does too; thereby it is essential to understand the application need and accordingly deciding on the accuracy of the gauge. The requirements for the accuracy perhaps vary industry to industry, wherein the below mentioned data perhaps help you in the selection of pressure gauge:

Accuracy of pressure gauges, in ASME [American Society of Mechanical Engineers] pressure gauges is classified according to their precision as shown below:

Grade Lower 25% (+/-) Middle 50% (+/-) Upper 25% (+/-)
4A 0.1 0.1 0.1
3A 0.25 0.25 0.25
2A 0.5 0.5 0.5
1A 1 1 1
A 2 2 2
B 3 3 3
C 4 4 4
D 5 5 5

ASME Grades 2A, 3A & 4A: Used for precise measurements in the laboratories and workshops

ASME Grades A & 1A: Used for industrial pressure measurement on machinery and production lines.

ASME Grades B, C & D: Used for simple monitoring applications without precise requirements.

Gauge Dial

The size of the dial is equally crucial in order to read the output accurately and thereby while selecting a pressure gauge, it is essential to consider space limitation and accuracy requirement. The larger dial size pressure gauges are perfect for areas that are not accessible, whereas smaller dial size pressure gauges are perfect for areas that are easily accessible. Further, the extent of the accuracy is also a considerable factor while selecting the size of the dial, as for higher accuracy large dial size pressure gauge should be used in order to get easy displace of small pressure increments too. We as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge provide a range vary from 1.5” to 16” diameters to suits the need of every application.


These types of gauges are designed specifically in order to protect gauges against severe environments including oil, gas, petrochemical industries, capable to withstand system vibration, pressure spikes, corrosion as well as pulsation. We as supplier and exporter of the pressure gauge have stocked the wide range of the process pressure gauges in order to provide prompt support to the each consumer.

Low Pressure Gauges

The environment of the respective place can affect the accuracy and integrity of the pressure gauge; thereby it is also a mandatory factor that needs to be considered while selecting the pressure gauge. Considering environment in which the pressure gauge is going to be operated help you get the most accurate reading, such an environmental factor which can affect the pressure gauge incorporates air-borne particulate, condensation, humidity, water and chemicals. By owing the multifarious need of the pressure gauges, we as supplier & exporter provide different types of pressure gauges that are compatible with the respective environment condition which covers, temperature compensated for the extreme temperature conditions, non temperature compensated pressure gauges, weather proof/ hermetically sealed or liquid filled pressure gauges for the wet or humid context like humidity, wash down or rain, each is available in different size and accuracy specification.

Process Media / Wetted Parts

There are several applications, where pressure gauge is exposed to the fluid and thereby process media is also the indispensible factor that should be considered while selecting the material of the pressure gauge. The material of the pressure gauge should have the potency to withstand the process fluid such that corrosion does not occur. In case of unavailability of the required material to operate under the corrosive process fluid, the use of the diaphragm sealed pressure gauge is the perfect in such a case that protects gauge pressure sensor from the process fluid. We as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge have stocked a diaphragm sealed pressure gauge in diverse range to meet need of the every industry.

Connection Size

The pressure gauges are available in a variety of connections incorporating NPT, DIN, JIS, BSP and SAE, thereby in order to select the right connection process pressure, gauge size, weight, space constraints and leak integrity are the major aspects that need to be considered.  However, process pressure gauges with 41”2 dial sizes or larger are suggested to be used with the ½” NPT connection in order to provide elite support to the gauge.

Connection Location

While the connection is made, there are options to get the best possible connection of your pressure gauge, and thereby it is counseled to consider while selecting the pressure gauge.

  • Direct stem mount lower connect
  • Remote wall/surface mount lower connect
  • Panel surface mount back connect
  • Panel hole U-clamp flush mount back connect
  • Panel hole front flange flush mount back connect
Pressure Ranges

It is recommended by the ASME that a gauge with a full scale pressure range of around twice the normal operating pressure be selected. The utmost operating pressure of the pressure gauge should not surpass 75% of the full scale range. If the pressure gauge is not selected in the above mentioned criteria, the possibilities are higher to fatigue failure of the pressure sensor inside the gauge

Pressure Sensor Elements

The pressure sensors are available in the different materials like brass, phosphor bronze, alloy steel, stainless steel, monel and inconel. Thereby pressure sensor element is also being a decisive by the process fluid. It is wise to select the pressure sensor that is compatible with the process fluid, or else the use of diaphragm sealed pressure gauge is also an effective alternative help to protect the pressure sensor from the fluid. We as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge have stocked a diaphragm sealed pressure gauge in a diverse range to meet the needs of the every industry.

Type of Display

Pressure gauges are available with the analog display as well as digital display; however the analog pressure gauges are the most appreciated pressure gauges in the industry. Although, the type of application decides whether an analog or digital display pressure gauge is required. We as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge provide both type pressure gauges at the most competitive rates in the industry.

If the provided data do not clear your mind for the selection of the right pressure gauge, we as supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge provide 24/7 customer support to help you get the perfect match as per your application need, other than you can drop your query through inquiry form that too ensures prompt reply to your query.

Other than the selection of the right pressure gauge, proper application of the respective pressure gauge is at par essential in order to prevent failure of the gauge and personal hazardous. For the correct use and application of pressure gauge, we as a supplier & exporter of the pressure gauge provide a handbook along with the ordered gamut to provide you a right guide to use the pressure gauge correctly. Other than, our support team is also available 24/7 to give thorough support concerned to the pressure gauge.

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