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When the pressure surpasses the rated set temperature, overpressure protectors are designed to protect the pressure instrument. When the pressure exceeds the pressure range, spring-loaded piston activates a valve to close, protecting the instrument from a pressure. The spring will open the valve once the pressure is normal. According to the pressure requirements, there are three parts available. A spring loaded piston valve is present in the overpressure protector. The spring holds the valve open under normal pressure. The force applied by spring is overcome that closes the valve when the pressure of the system goes over the set pressure. Until the system pressure drops to one fourth amount, the valve will remain closed.

overpressure protectors


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The overpressure protectors are used in various sectors such as process industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry and others for protection of pressure gauges critical of the effects of excessive pressure. The overpressure protectors are manufactured with stainless steel to fight against corrosion.

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