Pressure Gauge Snubbers

A pressure gauge snubber is a device used to hold back the additional force or speedy movement in mechanical systems. Pressure gauge snubber is an accessory of the pressure gauge. To ensure the long service life, the effect of pressure pulses and spikes are moistened by snubber. Snubber is designed for the critical applications, to measure the pressure in the gauge. They can deal with air, gases, water, steam and oils as per the range of its designs such as piston, throttling or porous. This snubber protects the pressure gauges from the damage of vibrations that are generated in a pressurized system. To improve the stability of the gauge readings and for the long life service of the gauge, the snubber reduces the pulsation in the line without altering the pressure.

Pressure Gauge Snubbers
Pressure Gauge Snubbers

Pressure Gauge Snubbers in India

The snubber is adjustable in respective of operating conditions. If required, snubber can be re-adjusted during the operation. The snubber assures the accuracy of the pressure gauges. Snubber is used in various industries such as power plants, chemical industries, machine building, mining, and other sectors. We are the leading pressure gauge accessories manufacturer. Also, the supplier of pressure gauge accessories in India.

Features of Pressure Gauge Snubbers:-

  • Light Weight
  • Excellent Finish
  • Quality Assured

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