Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

Pressure diaphragm gauges are designed to measure liquids and gases. The pressure diaphragm gauges have one circular diaphragm compressed between a pair of flanges. The deformation of the measuring element on the diaphragms is caused by the positive or negative pressure. The pressure to measures is same as the magnitude of the deformation which is coupled to the pointer mechanism. A metallic circular membrane of precise dimension is present in the diaphragm pressure gauge. The transmission mechanism which is mechanically connected to the diaphragm amplifies the small deflections and transforms them to pointer. While the upper side is at atmospheric pressure, the pressure is applied at the lower side. The pointer is kept in motion when the diaphragm is lifted by raising the differential pressure.

pressure diaphragm gauge

The pressure diaphragm gauge is used in the applications of relative pressure and vacuum. The pressure diaphragm gauge is used to measure points with increased overload, for gaseous, liquid, and vicious liquids, for high dynamic pressure loads and vibrations, differential pressure.

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