Digital Pressure and Temperature gauge

Digital pressure gauges are designed to convert applied pressures into signals which are numerically displayed. The digital pressure gauge is manufactured by latest technologies as per its application. The digital pressure gauge where an elastic or flexible element is present uses a mechanical deflection and responds to changes in pressure. To detect changes in capacitance, a diaphragm is used by digital pressure gauge where the bridge circuit is includes. The digital pressure gauge uses vibrating elements, pistons, a thin film or electromechanical system to identify changes that happens in pressure.

There are various applications of digital pressure gauge in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, water supply, petroleum, calibration of pressure gauges, test and measurement and other hydraulic sectors. The digital pressure gauge manufactures by us are accurate, have a vacuum range, allow maximum pressure, and operating temperature.

digital pressure and temperature gauge  

We provide a variety of temperature gauges for different industrial applications. Based on the liquid expansion for temperature measurement, there are liquid filled temperature gauge. The temperature gauges filled with gas are confined. The application of temperature gauge is sanitary applications, beverages & food, ovens, furnaces, chemicals & scientific laboratories, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, freezers, machine & plant engineering. We are manufacturer, exporter & supplier of the digital pressure & temperature gauge.

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